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Gold Coast, Australia ~ Ratnapura, Sri Lanka

We export natural gem stones from Sri Lanka (Ceylon) such as blue sapphires, rubies, Padparadschas world wide. We are an established business of over 30 years and all our stones are mined in Sri Lanka . 

About us

Rohan Gems & Lapidary's mission is to provide a safe  environment for our clients to purchase gems, free from fake and synthetically enhanced gem stones which has flooded the market. We aim to build trust through exceptional communication and service and build long lasting business relationships which benefits all parties. All our gems are ethically sourced from mines in Ratnapura with minimal negative impact on the environment.  Majority of earnings help sustain our employees such as mine workers, gem cutters, jewelers and Hotel Gem Land employees. 

We guarantee the stones provided by us are naturally mined gems with 100% accurate descriptions.  


Rohan Gems and Lapidary has been a trusted name in Sri Lanka for over a 30 years. Our office HQ is situated in the heart or Ratnapura in the popular Gem Market street, Council Avenue. We also ship from Gold Coast, Australia.

We own and operate a highly rated and popular hotel among visitors to Ratnapura named Hotel Gem Land which is located minutes away from the Ratnapura town center. We are planning to open a gem museum to display our rare minerals discovered from decades of mining at Hotel Gem Land. At the museum, you would be able to see rare pieces like sapphires with water inclusions, Mukkaru stones, and other unique minerals, and learn about the gem industry and its history and techniques. 

Office on 27 Council Avenue, Ratnapura

Hotel Gem Land: 12 Mudduwa Rd, Ratnapura

Rohan De Alwis (proprietor of Rohan Gems) has been a leading supplier of natural gems stones to Europe, United States and Japan. Rohan has been running mines in Ratnapura for decades. He has amounted a vast collection of rare natural color stones as a pioneer in the Ratnapura gem industry with close to 40 years of experience. He has trained 100s of workers in gem identification, cutting, and mining and helped them get into the industry.  

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