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Gold Coast, Australia ~ Ratnapura, Sri Lanka

We export natural gem stones from Sri Lanka (Ceylon) such as blue sapphires, rubies, Padparadschas world wide. We are an established business of over 30 years and all our stones are mined in Sri Lanka . 

Gem related tours/workshops

Why pick  our tours and workshops?

  • Expert knowledge from instructors from the industry with exceptional fluency in English. 
  • Avoid high commissions added onto your gem purchases by guides.
  • The gen market is full of synthetic and defused stones that can trick even the experienced gemologists.
  • Mine workers rarely speak English. They will also be required to be tipped to avoid offense and conflict.  Some miners are superstitious and do not allow female persons down mines. 
  • Proven high quality service that goes the extra mile with attention to detailed gained through 30 years of experience in the trade.

1 day Beginner gemology workshop

workshop includes lunch, morning and evening tea - $30 per person

  • 9 am start at Hotel Gem Land - Morning tea (It is advisable to book 1 or 2 nights at Hotel Gem Land for a more hassle free experience. Please let us know in the inquiry form)
  • Introduction, the history, and science behind gems such as chemical structures, natural formations of crystals.
  • Visit the gem market, and our gem office.
  • Session 1 - Learn about gem cutting, polishing, jewelry making, how to use refraction, hardness, and specific gravity to understand and identify gems.
  • Traditional rice and curry lunch back at Hotel Gem Land. 
  • Visit a gem mine and learn about traditional mining, the history, and traditional techniques used to this date.
  • Generous tip for the hard working and poor mine workers. 
  • Session 2 - Examine hundreds of rare specimen of gems and minerals and learn how to identify gems through theory and hands on experience.
  • Evening tea
  • Conclusion and presentation of certificate for participation. 

Pre-booking is essential. For last minute bookings Call us on +94766966533 (Also available on WhatsApp or Viber on the same number).

TOUR ONLY  - with Lunch Included - $35 usd for 2 or $45 for 4 

Commences at Hotel Gem Land at the agreed time. This Tour is FREE for purchases over $300 USD at our gem Office/workshop.

Tour includes

  • Guided tour and lessons on traditional mining by the son of Rohan De Alwis  who speaks fluent English and an expert in the mining and gem industry.
  • Free TUK TUK hire. Car can be arranged for groups between 1-3 at $15 additional fee. Groups over 3 will require the VAN option . 
  • Generous tip for the hard working and poor mine workers. 
  • Visit the gem market, and our gem office which has hundreds of rare specimen of gems and minerals (excellent for kids). Scroll down to see images of the office.
  • Browse through our gem collection with NO OBLIGATION TO BUY.  
  • Learn about gems with hands on experience with Mr. Rohan De Alwis himself. 
  • Traditional rice and curry lunch at Hotel Gem Land. 

Pre-booking is essential. For last minute bookings Call us on +94766966533 (Also available on WhatsApp or Viber on the same number).

Full tour package - Accommodation, Airport transfers

Rohan Gems and Lapidary  is giving you the unique opportunity of an all-inclusive tour package that takes you directly to the source of Ceylon sapphires. We will take the guess work out of your next business trip to Ratnapura, Sri Lanka. The tour package is private and will only accommodate you and your business partners exclusively to ensure a stress-free experience for your own convenience, so book now to avoid missing out on this great deal. 

Please click the link below to book our tours

Business Package  - Only $400.00 (USD) Twin share. Package includes

  • Airport transfers from the Colombo Katunayake Airport to accommodation (Hotel Gem Land).
  • 3 nights accommodation with free Wi-Fi, hot water, a/c, and luxury beds with breakfast included.
  • Gem purchasing office in the heart of the gem trade area.
  • Transport to and from the office to accommodation.
  • Expert advice in purchasing with same day gem testing facilities. 
  • Sight-seeing tours to surrounding waterfalls

Pre-booking is essential. For last minute bookings Call us on +94766966533 (Also available on WhatsApp or Viber on the same number).

3 nights’ Accommodation (Can be extended at discounted room rates. * Pre-booking required to avoid availability conflicts)

 Hotel Gem Land is owned and operated by Rohan Gems & Lapidary and is situated in the main town area of Ratnapura. The main gem trading area is situated within walking distance (15 minutes’ walk, 5 minutes by car). Transport between the hotel and the office will be provided.

he newly renovated rooms are exclusively designed for our international clients to cater for their every need. The very specious rooms are fitted with attached western bathrooms, and queen sized beds with luxury western quality spring mattresses. The rooms include air conditioning, hot water, and free Wi-Fi. The rooms include complimentary bottled water, tea/coffee making facilities, and ironing facilities. 

Gem purchasing office

This is a very unique opportunity which gives you access to state of the art European designed office at Rohan Gems and Lapidary which is situated in the main business area for gem purchasing (no 27, Council Avenue). The office also includes all tools such as calipers, gem tweezers,  magnifying lenses. scale, and polishing clothes. 


Usually,  gem buyers need to purchase stones from the street at council avenue, which requires them to deal with salesmen trying to sell their products in a chaotic fashion. Apart from the security concerns, buyers risk falling for synthetic stones.

The package provides you with an office area which can be used as a stationery location where the sellers will come to you in an orderly fashion, away from chaos and the harsh sun. This gives you access to the great bargains in gem stones Ratnapura and surrounding areas have to offer.

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