Rohan Gems & Lapidary - Ceylon gem mining and exports

Gold Coast, Australia ~ Ratnapura, Sri Lanka

We export natural gem stones from Sri Lanka (Ceylon) such as blue sapphires, rubies, Padparadschas world wide. We are an established business of over 30 years and all our stones are mined in Sri Lanka . 


F and IF

Flawless - Free from all inclusions or blemishes at 10X magnification
IF - Internally Flawless - No inclusions visible at 10x magnification. May have insignificant surface blemishes

VVS 1 and VVS II

Very, very slight inclusions- Inclusions are very hard to spot at 10X magnification. Eye clean.
VVS2 - Very, very slight inclusions- Can spot minor insignificant inclusions at 10X magnification. Mostly eye clean

VS 1 and VS 2

Very slight inclusions- It maybe possible to spot Inclusions at 10X magnification. Inclusions can be considered as minor and may be able to be visible by the naked eye.

SI 1 and SI 2

Slight inclusions- Minor inclusions can be spotted with the naked eye. 

I1, I2, or I3

Included - Grades I1 through to I3 could have noticeable inclusions obvious to the naked eye with I3 having major inclusions.

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