Rohan Gems & Lapidary - Ceylon gem mining and exports

Gold Coast, Australia ~ Ratnapura, Sri Lanka

We export natural gem stones from Sri Lanka (Ceylon) such as blue sapphires, rubies, Padparadschas world wide. We are an established business of over 30 years and all our stones are mined in Sri Lanka . 


Rohan Gems and Lapidary supplies lose gem stones from Sri Lanka to jewelers all over the globe with representatives in Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, and Germany. We currently stock a wide variety of natural precious and semi- precious stones in Austraila, Japan, and our headquarters in Sri Lanka. We are able to safely export gem stones and jewellery around the globe to your doorstep.  

Our gem stones and services are ideal for jewelers and direct clients looking for that special stone to fit a custom jewelry design.


Semi Precious Gems

Chrysoberyls & Alexandrites

Pink, Yellow, Green, & White Sapphires


Gem Purchasing Tour

We encourage our clients to visit Ratnapura. We are currently promoting a full tour package to purchase gem stones in the comfort of your own office situated in the gem purchasing street of Ratnapura. The promotional price of $400 USD includes air port transfers, 2 nights accommodation with breakfast at our very own Hotel Gem Land, office space hire, and much more.  



All stones are ethically sourced and all measures to reduce negative impacts on the environment is followed with utmost care. The proceeds from sales sustain a community (Ratnapura) heavily dependent on the income sourced from gem cutting, polishing, and sales.



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